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5 Reasons You Need to Invest in Two-way Radios for Your Business
Article Credit: The European Business Review Effective communication within businesses can be a challenge no matter what industry you’re in. Important messages can get lost in a sea of emails and posts often making tasks more difficult for both managers and operational employees. Many businesses are moving away from utilising dedicated “work phones” and are[...]
Case Study – Major Florida Utility Strengthens Teleprotection & SCADA Communications With JumboSwitch
Background A large utility company in Florida recently installed a communications system with the intent of deploying teleprotection over IP but was regularly experiencing communication errors between substations. The utility was primarily using one vendor for the core and another vendor for the edge and hitless technology for the initial solution. The devices had issues[...]
How Businesses Can Benefit From Renewable Business Energy
Article Credit: The European Business Review Businesses across the continent are constantly searching for new innovative ways to be more environmentally conscious. Going green can help a company’s finances in multiple ways, it also attracts more customers and clients. Some business owners and managers may feel that turning to renewable energy isn’t worth the effort[...]