About us

About us

Africa’s Integrator Of Choice, Supporting The “Best Of Breed” Technologies.

Our success results from long-term relationships with our customers and manufacturers of the technology we use. Reliability, commitment, flexibility and excellence are some of the values that define us as a trusted leader in Africa.

Who We Are

EMCOM is a B-BBEE Level 1 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company, established in 1968 as Electro-Marine Communications. Our company has grown significantly over the years and nurtured some of the finest Technicians available in Africa.

Our capabilities cover Two-Way Radio Communications, Telemetry Radio Equipment, Microwave Radio Equipment, Voice & Data Communication and Renewable Energy.

Our services

Our devices allow security personnel to mobilise quickly while responding to accidents, disturbances, or theft.


When time is not a luxury, we understand the importance of providing critical communications solutions that withstand the challenging environments.


Our devices assist many government entities to stay in constant contact in order to enhance safety and improve security.


The popularity of our two way radios is drastically increasing in the agricultural sector as enhanced productivity and safety benefits become more evident.

Oil & Gas

We provide clear communication tools to the companies that provide you with fuel and energy, making them that much more efficient.


Improving the safety of employees in the mining industry is of utmost importance. Our durable devices go where they go, however deep that may be.

Water & Electricity

We design and deliver communication solutions that helps utility organisations operate seamlessly.


We work closely with our local authorities to provide solutions that support security and defence organisations.

Rail & Transport

By providing reliable voice and data solutions to transport organisations, we help ensure you won’t be left stranded.


The forestry sector relies heavily on our two-way radios to power “in-the-bush” communication. Our devices are built to withstand the elements.

Our markets

Provincial and District-wide systems integrating Fire, Police, Ambulance, Water and Electricity Departments.
Electricity Utilities, voice and data communications for grid monitoring and management.
Water Utilities for voice, SCADA and telemetry.
Ministry of Internal Security for secure Police operations, Command and Control.
Ministry of Defence for mission-critical secure field operations.
Marine operations for voice and tracking application. Ship to shore and harbour control.

Rail and Road Transport voice and data applications.
Aircraft navigation services.
VIP Protection services for secure bespoke mesh networks.
Surface and underground mine communications.
Offshore oil exploration.
Inter-platform linking and platform to shore communications.
Forestry and Agriculture Operations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As Emcom Wireless, giving back is woven into our business and daily operations.

Our aim is to constantly adapt our approach and strategy for improving the social, environmental, and economic well-being of our community and society at large.

About us

What is corporate social responsibility (CSR)?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a self-regulating business model that helps a company be socially accountable—to itself, its stakeholders, and the public. By practising corporate social responsibility, also called corporate citizenship, companies can be conscious of the kind of impact they are having on all aspects of society, including economic, social, and environmental.

What is Emcom Wireless’ CSR initiative?

Emcom has partnered with LIV, an amazing organisation that aids orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa. www.liv-village.com

Every bit helps so find out how you could do your part:
LIV Durban
T: +27 32 007 0571 | E: [email protected] | A: Vincent Dickenson Road, Cottonlands, KZN, 4345