Anglo American/ Kumba Iron Ore Installation

Anglo American/ Kumba Iron Ore Installation

17 Sep

Anglo American/ Kumba Iron Ore recently bought two new Komatsu 785 dump trucks at Kolomela Mine for their new mining operations in the Kapstevel South area.


The Komatsu HD785-7 is driven by a 1200hp engine and has a rated payload capacity of 91 tonnes, they are used to haul iron ore or waste material out of the mining pits. (These are actually some of the “smaller” trucks – the largest trucks used on Kolomela is the Komatsu 730E that has a 2000hp engine with a payload capacity of 180 tonnes.)


In this photo, the Emcom team is busy installing Tait TM9300 two-way radios in the new machines.


Emcom is currently responsible for all two-way radio communications on Kolomela mine. The Kolomela MPT-IP radio network comprises of 35 trunked radio channels spread over 6 repeater sites, accommodating more than 2500 radios.