Benefits of Two-way Radios

Benefits of Two-way Radios

25 Feb

Communication is like oxygen without it, nothing survives. In today’s technologically advanced world, we are dependent on smartphones and cellular networks to help us communicate. However, when we are faced with life-threating situations, it is important to have crisp and clear communication to effectively get the message across in the quickest way possible. 

Ever wondered what would happen if you lost communication with your team in the middle of a crisis? Don’t let this be you! In the working environment, employees must have access to two- way radios, in case of an emergency. Why two-way radios you ask? The answer is simple. Network signals are not always reliable and can delay response times. In addition to this, with Eskom’s’ surprise load shedding, it is even more necessary for businesses and households to have immediate backup communication tools on hand.  

Emcom’s Tait radios are simple, making it easy to use for everyone! By just a push of a button, you and your team will have access to uninterrupted communication. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to use two-way radios:

1.    Always be prepared to receive incoming messages. 

2.    Identify yourself and the recipient of your message before you start talking.

3.    Always be patient, as the recipient may not be able to respond immediately. 

4.    Use short, clear and concise messages. 

5.    Understand the appropriate radio lingo.  

Still not convinced? let’s start here, With Emcom, two-way radios are high-end, feature-rich radios that can be utilised in several industries. These mission-critical radios are strong, durable and are designed to withstand harsh working conditions. Two-way radios operate on different frequencies, so stay in range and stay connected.  Emcom radios are elegantly crafted to provide users with clear communication, free from the reliance of cellular networks.  

With Emcom’s state of the art two-way Tait radios, you have the gift of clarity, reliability, and instantaneity at the tip of your fingers. The brand is a proud supplier to many popular industries from mining to construction, they’ve supplied them all. Let’s take a closer look, shall we? When man and machine work close together in confined spaces, a credible safety methodology is not an option. Emcom’s mission-critical radios ensure high levels of consistent vigilance allowing for safe and profitable mining operations. Farming and agricultural businesses are under pressure to cut costs and increase efficiency. 

However, worker safety remains a paramount dilemma within this industry. Two-way radio communication tools allow for constant contact with workers, in case the worst happens. Be it in rough terrains or large geographical areas, Emcom Wireless promises fast and robust radios for all your communication needs. In a bid to tackle high street crime and unorthodox behaviour, Emcom provides the best quality, mission-critical devices to ensure the safety of the team. Due to the portability, reliability, two-way radio remains a trusted communication tool for law enforcement services.

The best quality of two-way radios is that they are available for everyone! This means that they’re perfect for camping, hikes, bike rides and so much more outdoor adventurous activities. The buck doesn’t stop there! Emcom’s two-way radios have out of this world benefits that make them one of the best in the business. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Two-way radios have a built-in tracking system which allows teams to know where everyone is at all times.

2. When smartphones fall at the mercy of weak network lines, you can always rely on Emcom’s mission-critical radios for contact solutions

3. Two-way Tait radios allow companies and individuals to stay in contact with people miles away.

4. With Emcom, their radios are strong, durable and Lightweight. 

With endless more benefits, you can trust Emcom to be the solution for all your radio communication needs. For more information on Emcom’s mission-critical radios, contact them on 031 312 9288. Alternatively, visit their website at for the latest updates on their high-quality products.

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