A large utility company in Florida recently installed a communications system with the intent of deploying teleprotection over IP but was regularly experiencing communication errors between substations. The utility was primarily using one vendor for the core and another vendor for the edge and hitless technology for the initial solution. The devices had issues communicating between the edge and core networks and were experiencing intermittent communications and increased latency which could not be tolerated in a teleprotection application.


The Florida utility company needed a solution that could integrate with their existing core, network topology and scale to 70+ substations as well as meet stringent latency and asymmetry requirements for teleprotection.

The utility had previously deployed TC Communications products with positive results, so they contacted us to provide a solution.


The solution involved implementing TC Communications’ JumboSwitch with Carrier Ethernet adjacent select core nodes and at each edge node to interface with the protective relays and SCADA devices. Rigorous testing showed that the solution met stringent latency and asymmetry requirements and allowed the teleprotection and SCADA devices to communicate seamlessly across the utility’s network. The utility is deploying this solution to 120 nodes at full build-out.

Core Objective
Eliminate communication issues between subtended rings and the existing core network.

Meet stringent latency and asymmetry requirements for teleprotection.

Products Used

• JumboSwitch® on a 10G Carrier Ethernet Network

» 4U Chassis for Teleprotection and SCADA in the subring using Turbo Serial over IP

(TC3847-3) and C37.94 over IP (TC3846-2) interface cards connected to the existing core network

Key Benefits

  • Communication issues solved with minimal impact to the existing network
  • Teleprotection requirements met (Sub-50ms Protection Switching) using ERPS Reduced Capital and Operational Expenses