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Two-Way Radios versus Cell Phones – Which is Best for Business?
Knowing the massive use of cell phones in business today, many may ask if two-way radios (walkie talkies) are relevant. That is until your mobile phone’s connection fails, and you can’t reach the person you need to during a crucial time in your business day. The truth is two-way radios offer some advantages that even[…]
5 Reasons You Need to Invest in Two-way Radios for Your Business
Article Credit: The European Business Review Effective communication within businesses can be a challenge no matter what industry you’re in. Important messages can get lost in a sea of emails and posts often making tasks more difficult for both managers and operational employees. Many businesses are moving away from utilising dedicated “work phones” and are[...]
Covid-19 – Corona Virus
The Coronavirus (CoV) is a new strain of a virus that was discovered in China, December 2019. The virus develops to cause a disease known as Covid-19, which has not been previously identified in humans. The virus spreads between people who are in close contact, within about six feet. It is transmitted by respiratory droplets,[…]
Benefits of Two-way Radios
Communication is like oxygen without it, nothing survives. In today’s technologically advanced world, we are dependent on smartphones and cellular networks to help us communicate. However, when we are faced with life-threating situations, it is important to have crisp and clear communication to effectively get the message across in the quickest way possible.  Ever wondered[…]
Mission-critical Communications
Mission- critical-communications is often defined as the ability to deliver communication means where conventional networks cannot meet the required demands.