Microwave Radio Equipment

Microwave Radio Equipment

Microwave Radio Equipment


A Microwave Radio System is a system of equipment used in broadcasting and telecommunications transmissions. The microwave system includes radios located high atop microwave towers, which are used for the transmission of microwave communications using line of sight microwave radio technology.


Microwave Products

Microwave Functions

Radio waves are primarily used for transmitting information from one place to another through space or air like radar. Below are the applications of radio waves in different industries:

> Radar system – radio waves are used to send out signals and pick up the image from objects along their path GPS or Global Positioning System
> Mobile phones
> Radio telescopes
> Long ranged radio waves allow astronauts to communicate back to the Earth from space through the use of artificial satellites
> Radio waves are used in rocket and artificial satellite operations systems, and other radio waves activated devices

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