48V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery

48V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery

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Theft Deterrent and Battery Management System.

Product Description


  • Built-in circuit breaker/isolator per battery
  • Cooling fan
  • High energy density: more energy with less weight and footprint
  • High charge currents / High discharge currents
  • Long battery life
  • High efficiency between charging and discharging
  • Wide operating temperature
  • Higher continual power available
  • Encapsulating the battery in a rubberised material, ensuring added protection against brittle epoxy-coated solutions, cracking and breaking apart under impact available
  • GPS option with Jamming detection and tracking available
  • Microdot of complete product available
  • Customised colours available
  • 120dba Horn alarm available

{If alarm activated, the horn will sound continuously for 90 days and can only be de-activated by breaking open the module or remotely de-activated through a security controlled process.}


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