Tait Unified Vehicle

Tait Unified Vehicle

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Much more than a radio. A mobile applications platform.


Product Description

Super charge the performance of your existing or new Tait mobile radio with the Tait Unified Vehicle platform. Tait Unified Vehicle loads your mobile with more computing power, WiFi, wireless broadband, and more. Increase productivity and safety with more
connectivity, and powerful new applications. It’s time to re-imagine the mobile radio.


    • Powerful applications platform
    • P25 and DMR mobiles supported
    • 3G/LTECellular connectivity
    • Dual SIMCapability
    • Create a network of networks
    • Applicable to new and existing mobiles
    • Improved voice and data support
    • Broadband connectivity options
    • EmbeddedApplications include:
      • AppBuilder
      • OTAPoverWiFi
      • VoiceRecorder
    • Roadmapped items:
      • PTToC Client
      • Band 14 LTE
      • SatelliteConnectivity


Unifying critical communications as technology convergence increases complexity and puts added demands on your communication system, consider the Tait Unified Vehicle platform to keep you connected. Ensure your people can continue to communicate simply, regardless of the
bearer, when they need it most.

For both new and existing mobiles
Improve the performance of both new and existing Tait radios.Simply add theTait Unified Vehicle platform option to the TM9300 or TM9400 to increase their capability.

Improved voice and data support
Gain increased business efficiency by connecting your voice network with your data network. Get the right information to the right people and equipment by using the fastest and most reliable methods available.

Broadband connectivity options
Today there are many wireless options that deliver increased bandwidth. The Tait Unified Vehicle platform is designed to support short range high bandwidth technologies like WiFi, as well as longer range services such as 3Gand LTE.

Increased coverage
ExternalWiFi and cellular antenna options deliver a coverage boost to devices in and around the vehicle.

VoIP ready
The architecture of theTait Unified Vehicle platform allows a number of audio paths to be accessed and converted into VoIP. These streams will be used in the future to deliver services over broadband or the ethernet port.

This application provides a more user-friendly way of creating customised communications solutions. Behavior-based and graphical programming formats can be used. AppBuilder has access to a number of APIs that can control the LMR radio, external interfaces or functionality on
theTait UnifiedVehicle.

Integration capable
The mobile already supports a number of integration ready features which include the following:

    • CCDI/RAP radio control protocols
    • Space for integration boards
    • Access to digital IO lines
    • Access to analog signals
    • Software defined interfaces
    • StatusSDM,Packet and IP data

Voice recording
With voice recording and playback, you gain increased security and safety for your people and vehicles.

Ready for OTAP and Fleet Management
The Tait Unified Vehicle WiFi connection can be used to program your Tait mobile radio with configuration updates and new firmware when used with Tait Enable Fleet, an industry leading configuration management tool.



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