Tait Unify Voice

Tait Unify Voice

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Unified Push-to-Talk for anyone, at anytime, anywhere.


Product Description

Enhance and future-proof Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems with integrated Push-to-Talk over broadband and narrowband.

Tait UnifyVoice provides operational and administrative staff with enhanced access to instant communication and information.

UnifyVoice does this through integration of PTT over cellular with Tait LMR systems. It provides seamless instant communication by allowing any available communications network to be used, including LMR, cellular and WiFi. It provides a choice of end-user devices that are familiar and are aligned to the user’s job.

Tait UnifyVoice is available on either Android or iOS and provides Push- to- Talk (PTT) for anyone, at anytime, anywhere.


Tait UnifyVoice enhances:

Coverage – the ability to communicate when beyond the edges of LMR coverage or when in coverage black-spots, such as in-buildings, car-parks, or tunnels where cellular or WiFi signals are present.

Capacity – the ability to add extra capacity to your system as your organization grows, as work-groups are expanded or as agencies’ communication systems are consolidated.

Expand Users – provide ability to participate in group communications to non-radio users

Discrete Communications – Covert users including Cover detectives, investigators can communicate using a standard Smartphone allowing them to more easily blend into their surroundings.

Awareness – the ability for administrative staff to maintain incident awareness wherever they are located or for staff on call-back to develop awareness of the incident as they return to duty.

Capabilities include:

  • Instant Secure PTT Group and Individual Voice and Text
  • AES-256 Voice & Data Encryption
  • Group and User Presence
  • Easy to use Contact and Group Selection
  • Instant Ad Hoc Group Calling
  • Wireless Carrier Independent and Cross Carrier Capable, 3G/4G LTE and WiFi
  • Fast Call Setup and High Voice Quality
  • In-Call Preemption and Priority based call override
  • Late Join and Re-Join on Group Calls
  • Live and Historical (Bread Crumb) Location Tracking
  • Complete user account management via the handset or web administration tool
  • SIPREC Interface for professional third party recording systems
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory
  • SDK Partner Program Available
  • Premise Servers and Cloud Hosted*
  • High Availability Servers
  • PC Based Dispatch Client Available
  • Live Customer Support 24/7/365


  • Contact List Size: 895 Users
  • Maximum Group Size: Personal Group: 250
  • Member Group: 250
  • Open Group: 250
  • Closed Group: 250
  • Dispatch Group: 250
  • Surveillance Channel: 250
  • Unicast Radio Channel: 250
  • Broadcast Group: 60,000

Integration with Tait LMR Systems:

  • Analog line integration using 4-wire E&M network gateways (MPT, DMR or P25 Systems)
  • ISSI integration with Tait P25 Trunked networks*
  • AIS integration with Tait DMR Tier 2 and Tier 3 networks*

* Future release on roadmap

Future Implentations of UnifyVoice

  • The Smartphone App is just the beginning. Future versions of Tait UnifyVoice will include features like:
  • Pairing a smart device with a radio so front-line staff can select between radio, cellular, and wifi bearers. When a user pushes the PTT button, intelligent UnifyVoice software will automatically detect the best available network and connect the user.
  • Technology that preserves the information, encryption, and management characteristics of digital radio protocols, such as P25, and allows users to seamlessly roam between digital and cellular networks with no call interruption.
  • A policy engine that allows routing rules to be set based on both network availability and business rules.
  • Management interfaces allowing synchronization of behavior across the networks, and gateways to the various networks. It will allow the ability to communicate across any network to any device.
  • Push-to-Media (PTM) and the the ability to provide instantaneous sharing video and context aware information management, such as duplex communications or video streaming being initiated based on current operating context and business rules, biometrics.
  • Tighter carrier integration to provide mission-critical availability with a pathway to 3GPP standards for Mission Critical PTT (MC-PTT).


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