TB9300 Trunked IP Connected DMR

TB9300 Trunked IP Connected DMR

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Ultra-narrowband solutions for mission critical networks

Product Description

The Tait TB9300 is our trunked IP connected DMR digital base station, building on our proven TB8100 and MPT network platforms. The TB9300 provides a 6.25kHz equivalent operation and is fully compliant with the DMR Tier 3 trunking standard.

The TB9300 is a spectrally efficient solution, allowing you to gain greater capacity, and future proof your investment. It also provides operational efficiencies through capabilities such as remote network management and IP connectivity.


  • Ultra-narrowband 6.25kHz equivalent technology (2 x TDMA channels in one 12.5kHz channel)
  • Adherence to the DMR Tier 3 standard with proven interoperability tests
  • Full IP connectivity allows efficient scaling and design of your network
  • Extensive range of remote management and monitoring capabilities with a security focus
  • Designed and MIL-STD tested for reliability, combined with features to mitigate network outages
  • Built from the proven TB8100 base station/repeater pedigree


  • Digital communications delivering on operational needs
  • Flexible network design through IP connectivity and linking
  • Individual and group call to suit operational requirements
  • Migration paths from analog networks to DMR with extensive re-use capabilities reducing cost
  • Transfer data and voice across a packet-switched infrastructure using standard IP communications
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) support
  • Quality of Service (QoS) assignments for voice and signalling to allow optimal network packet routing

Designed to support cost effective deployment and operation

  • Compact module design minimizes rack space required
  • Extensive re-use of existing analog modules when migrating from Tait TB8100/TB8200 equipment

Delivers on the goals driving the DMR standards

  • Designed and tested with the DMR Tier 3 standard to provide customers with choice of vendor and equipment
  • 6.25kHz equivalent 2-slot TDMA capability for both voice and data
  • Tested using the IOP certification program developed by the DMR Association, providing confidence of multi-vendor interoperability

Resiliency to manage risk and enhance safety in challenging environments

  • Rugged construction with efficient heatsinks and front-to-rear fan-forced cooling system
  • Rated for continuous full output power
  • Designed to exceed MIL-STD-810 F
  • Continuity of operation with smart AC/DC management
  • Shares the same proven 4U form-factor and module packaging as the Tait TB8100
  • Re-uses the power management unit and power amplifier
  • Support for up to two base station software releases giving the ability to roll-back software updates
  • Network Design services are available to ensure delivery of a robust network with the capacity and coverage that you require

Future-proofed to protect your investment

  • Modular design allows cost effective deployment, maintenance and upgrade
  • Software configurable, including feature upgrades through software licenses
  • Software upgradable to add new features and functionality to ensure that your DMR solution is maintained and updated with the ever-changing needs of your market and environment.

Wide range of configuration options available

  • Configurable as a single channel 100W or 50W unit, or a dual channel 50W unit, with a range of DC and AC power supply options

Data Services

  • Embedded data for location
  • Short data messages for location, status and text
  • Packet data over traffic channels for work force Management, Telemetry, SCADA and customer specific applications

Efficient management with a focus on security

  • Remote network management utilising built-in secure https web server and SNMP V3 support
  • Alarm monitoring and management, via IP, with 12 digital inputs that can be remotely monitored
  • Detailed alarm reporting allows monitoring of key base station/repeater parameters
  • Inbuilt diagnostics to allow technicians to remotely confirm optimal operation and identify network faults
  • Enhanced security through password protection and access level control on web server
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Audit and system logs retained
  • Remote software downloads
  • Ability to configure up to 1,000 channels makes for efficient deployment
  • The front panel includes LCD display and navigation buttons giving greater access through an on-screen menu. Note – this can be disabled to meet your organisational security policies


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