TP3300 Portable Radios

TP3300 Portable Radios

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Tait DMR is a highly reliable, modern, digital radio solution

Product Description

Cost Effective and High Flexibility

Tait DMR is a highly reliable, modern, digital radio solution. Tait have extended this family to lower the entry level with a number of new models, bands and versions
Introducing the TP3000 Radio Series.

The 3000 series offers two types of radios:

  1. the most economical analogue-only radio for entry level communications
  2. a family of smart looking business DMR Tier II / Analogue radios

The DMR radios offer fully compliant Tier II DMR and conventional FM operation in the one device. Models will be available in three RF bands. All the radios will be rated for IP67 water ingress protection. GPS, Bluetooth and Mandown are available. All modules will share the same accessory connector as the Tait TP9300/9400 series

Key Features:

  • DMR Tier II and Analogue FM model
  • Analogue FM only model (not upgradable to DMR)
  • IP67 Water Ingress (30 minutes @ 1meter)
  • TP9300/9400 Accessory Connector
  • No Key, 4 Key and 16 key versions
  • High resolution Colour Display
  • Integrated GPS model
  • Bluetooth for Audio, for data and for fast programming
  • Text Messaging, Status Calls, Radio Alerts, Radio Monitor, Stun, Revive, Kill
  • Dealer swappable coloured front covers
  • Label recesses for Customised labelling

Note: Not all products have compliance in all regions/countries. Please check the Tait Product Specification sheet or contact your Tait Representative for further information.

Every radio is sold with:

  • Antenna. Standard whip.
  • 2000mAH Battery
  • Belt Clip
  • Wrist Strap
  • Charger
  • Multi-national Plug Pack
  • User Guide

All radios come in black, with the 0-Key, 0-display option

TP3000 Customization:

Radio Covers can be changed easily by a dealer.

  • All Covers come in packs of Ten (10)
  • A few spare screws and washers are provided
  • When Covers are changed a quick pressure test is performed to ensure the integrity of the water seals.

TP3000 Customization

  • Custom labels can be applied to radios
  • In order to personalize radios sets of radio specific labels can be printed to be applied to radios
  • The die-cut set of labels will fit into the following locations:
    • Radio Front
    • Radio Front – Lower
    • Chassis – Left
    • Chassis – Right
    • Packing
  • The labels are made of a synthetic material that is waterproof, smudge-proof, alcohol and chemical resistant. The labels can withstand years of UV light without fading. (GHS Compliant). They resist scuffing, tearing and peeling.
  • Tait can recommend a suitable fast, full colour on-demand pigmented-ink printer suitable for these labels.
  • These printers come with label creation software to make it easy to apply graphics, auto-incrementing numbers, database referenced information, barcodes and images


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