Tait Radios For Sale

Looking For Tait Radios For Sale?

Welcome to Emcom Wireless! We are South Africa’s number one supplier of Tait products and we have a variety of Tait radios for sale. Tait delivers proven communication solutions for Public Safety organisations around the world.

Tait’s digital mobile radio

Narrowband technology that can carry both voice and data, so organisations achieve more with their radio network than ever before.

tait radios for sale

Portable devices

At Emcom Wireless, we stock a wide range of products from two way radios, walkie-talkies, handheld radios and vehicle fitted mobiles, is a hand-held device or transceiver can both transmit and receive voice communication.

Tait radios

Tait Digital Mobile Radio

Tait devices are intrinsically safe and are well-engineered to be fully functional in hazardous and extreme environments. This helps ensure people always have communications that they can depend on to get the job done.

We stock a wide range of Tait products and our expert sales team will advise you on the best product for your needs.

Some products in our range:

– TP9300
The TP9300 is a high durability portable radio for mission-critical communications. It can support multiple DMR and analog modes, safety features, and a strong, robust design, the TP9300 is engineered to meet the standards of the most demanding industries.

TP3 Series – This unique device is a highly personalised portable radio that is designed with maximum flexibility in mind. The TP3 durable and cost-effective.

– TM9300
The TM9300 DMR mobile radio is an efficient, digital voice and data communications that provide a mission-critical solution for users.

– TB9300
The Tait TB9300 is an IP connected, digital base station for DMR Tier 2 (conventional) or Tier 3 (trunked) networks. Their functionality allows for flexible network designs and easy migration paths from analog networks to DMR. These spectrally efficient base stations provide a 6.25kHz equivalent operation using two TDMA channels in one 12.5kHz channel, giving you greater capacity now and providing a future path for expansion.

– TB7300
Tait introduces a software flexible, rugged Base station/Repeater for DMR Tier 3 and DMR Tier 2 systems, or Analog repeaters. The TB7300 integrates seamlessly with the proven Tait 9300 series high-performance Base Station.

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