Homeowners are gearing up to live smarter and save money this year

For many years, alternate power sources meant huge investment and gradual, long-term benefits. But not anymore. Homeowners are now able to take advantage of all the benefits that an Inverter System has to offer, without it costing them an arm and leg. As these continue to gain popularity in South Africa, companies like Emcom Wireless are finding innovative ways to bring you top-of-the-range technology at affordable prices.

Here’s why you should invest in an Inverter System for your home

Let’s start with a quick breakdown of what an inverter is. The primary function of an Inverter is to convert Direct Current (DC) power into standard, Alternating Current (AC). This is stored and can be used when conventional electricity is not available. So, in case of a power outage, this device can be used as a backup. Inverter Systems vary in size and quality and finding the perfect one for your home depends on your usage requirements.

So many South African’s are still working from home. So, when load-shedding hits, your work suffers. Long periods without electricity means food in fridges and freezers go bad, costing you more money than your usual grocery bill. Alarm systems that don’t have backup batteries are deactivated, putting your family at risk. Power surges can also damage the appliances and wiring in your home. Unfortunately, this inconvenient lifestyle is a reality for us. But with an Inverter System, all these worries could be a thing of the past!

As your requirements change or if you decide to “Go Green”, you could upgrade to solar. To convert a conventional inverter into a Solar Inverter, all you need is a solar conversion kit which is basically a small size solar device that connects the solar panels and inverter. Utilising energy from the sun will reduce high electricity bills and have a positive impact on the environment.

This energy-saving technology ensures that too much or too little voltage from the conventional electricity supply doesn’t harm your appliances and that households continue to function even when they lose power from the grid. Other key benefits are that Inverters are quiet and don’t require maintenance or fuel. An unquestionable investment for homeowners.

This can all sound a bit overwhelming, but in reality, Inverters are simple to install and easy to use. The highly skilled team at Emcom will run you through the process, step by step, and answer any questions you may have regarding your new Inverter System.

Electricity defines modern life, be it at the home or the workplace, and it is an irreplaceable element. With ground-breaking technology that is now available, you and your family will never have to be in the dark again.

If you’re interested in an Inverter System for your home or just a little more info on our services, please feel free to get in touch with the team at Emcom.

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