Two-way radios have revolutionised inter-team communication in every industry across the globe.

As the benefits of radio communication continue to become visibly clear and undeniable, businesses are switching to this type of communication to enhance their day-to-day operations.

In this article, we focus on some of the many benefits of PoC (Push To Talk Over Cellular) Radios and how small businesses have been capitalising on them.

With PoC radios, the need for cabling, repeaters, and other infrastructure is eliminated. Once the team at Emcom has set up your devices and briefed you on how to use them, instant communication is at your fingertips, saving you time and lots of money!

Traditional radios typically have a shorter range and need the assistance of antennas to communicate further. PoC radios use mobile phone networks instead of regular radio waves. The outstanding technology behind radios like the T640 makes it possible for you to communicate with your local teams, as well as your international teams.

As workers respond to every sound or flash of light from their phones, their work almost becomes secondary. As a result, productivity suffers. With PoC radios, instant communication is possible with a push-to-talk button. With their superior durability, battery life, and sound clarity, PoC’s are the preferred devices for inter-team communication in almost every industry.

A key benefit of PoC radios is that you would not need to acquire a frequency licence before using your devices. Eliminate the hassle, save time.

Technically, every industry would experience benefits from two-way radio solutions in general. But more specifically, small businesses aiming to reduce overhead costs but still communicate effectively, boost productivity, and enhance employee safety, will see immediate results after switching to PoC’s for their communication needs.

In industries such as Security, Warehousing, and Construction, PoC’s have taken companies by storm. The all-in-one communication tool for any business.

Emcom Wireless provides Professional Radio Communication solutions to industries across the country. A customised solution could be the big break you need to enhance operations in your organisation. So, if you require our services or just need more info on how we could assist you, feel free to get in touch.
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